All New, All Different X-Men (530)


The First Class

After a meeting with CIA Agent and friend Fred Duncan, Professor Charles Xavier moves forwards with his plan to recruit and train a group of gifted youngsters to fight for a world where humans and mutants can live together in peace. To that end he and his ward Eric Hunter set out first to Los Angeles, California to recruit Dante de la Rosa, a boy gifted with feathered wings and the ability to fly. They then pick Jill Marigold a girl with the ability to walk through walls, Scott Jackson with the power to control the weather, Nathan Lee a boy with the power to move objects with his mind and project thoughts and Grace Dunham a girl who’s able to turn her entire body into organic steel. After a few days adjusting to their new home, Xavier and Eric put the team though their first of many Danger Room courses, which after a few early hiccups the team passes with flying colors.


purplellamagod purplellamagod

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