The Blob

Fred Dukes

Circus Freak Poor Self-Esteem That Tickles!

Enormous Mutant

d8 Enhanced Stamina d12 Godlike Durability d10 Superhuman Strength SFX:Body of Blubber. On a successful reaction roll against a melee attack, either convert your opponent’s effect die into a Enormous Mutant stunt or step back –1 and inflict physical stress. Spend a die from the Doom Pool to use this SFX if the attack succeeded. SFX:Immunity. Spend a die from the Doom Pool to ignore any physical stress not caused by a sonic force. SFX:Personal Gravity Field. Step up any die added to your dice pool from the Doom Pool on a reaction. Limit:Big Target Step up any movement complication and add a die to the Doom Pool. Limit:Mutant When affected by mutant-specific complications or tech, add a die to the Doom Pool.


The Blob

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